Access to Electronic Textbooks 

We are encouraging all students to purchase their course materials online through our EzBooks website, please visit We will also have limited store hours at the SDSU Bookstore on the main campus. Please visit for store hours.

If you need any assistance with obtaining course materials at SDSU Imperial Valley please email [email protected].

Details on textbook returns can be found on the SDSU Bookstore site.

Textbooks rented for the Fall 2021 semester are due Thursday, December 16, 2021. Late returns will be accepted thru Thursday, December 23, 2021.

1. Books can be returned in person to the SDSU Bookstore.

2. To return your textbook rentals by mail send to:

San Diego State University
SDSU Bookstore
5500 Campanile Dr.
San Diego, CA. 92182-1701

The textbook return and package postmark deadline is December 16, 2021.


According to the terms of your rental agreement, textbooks not returned by the due date will be charged the difference between the purchase price and rental price of the book(s), plus a late fee of $30.

If you have any questions, please contact the SDSU Bookstore by emailing [email protected].

Details on Immediate Access can be found on the SDSU Bookstore site.

If you wish to opt-out of the program and purchase your materials another way, either through the Bookstore or elsewhere, simply go to by the opt-out deadline (the add/drop date) and enter your RedID and RedID password or SDSUid and SDSUid Password. You will see a personalized list of your Immediate Access courses and you will be able to opt-out or back in to a course. It is that simple.